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We believe health, wellness and vitality is a global approach; an approach that is driven by education and "know how". One that allows us to discuss the components that make up overall

well-being. Our Mission is to project values of health,wellness and to facilitate the process of improving health. We work to supplement and nourish the body through IV therapy. We strive to educate on correlations between health  lifestyle,nutrition,hydration and performance. We aspire to educate and to influence a lifestyle of balance and vitality. Our Goal is to promote health, wellness and to assist in forging the strongest version of yourself through knowledge.



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Blood chemistry analysis: standard blood panel, wellness panel including oxidative stress markers

In 2002 Albert graduated with a B.S. in exercise physiology. As a former collegiate athlete his passions have always resided in the area of health, fitness, human physiology and education. His passions for exercise physiology lead him into perusing a career in emergency medicine.

In 2005, he became a paramedic and worked on the busy streets of Modesto California. It was there that Albert began to develop his patient care abilities with the repetition of treating really sick patients. He became highly proficient in assessing patients, generating impression on current health status, devising treatment plans and employing those treatment plans. Working on busy ambulances for 10 years allowed Albert to develop proficiency with IV starts and administering medications. These experiences left Albert wanting to perform as a paramedic in the largest of arenas.

In 2008 Albert became a firefighter/paramedic with the city of San Jose. His career as a firefighter/paramedic continues to fulfill his desire to serve the community not only as a firefighter but also as a health care professional. As a firefighter/paramedic he became familiar with the challenges in providing medical care with limited resources and a condensed scope of practice. It was those experiences that continued to feed Albert’s thirst for knowledge and willingness to do more. This was the driving force in Albert’s journey towards perusing more advanced avenues of practicing medicine.

In 2012, Albert attended Stanford University and graduated from their Physician Assistant program. Since then, Albert has been practicing family medicine in the underserved communities of Stanislaus County. Working in family practice has awarded him a front row seat into the lives of others and has earned him the responsibility of managing the health of entire families.

Albert will speak of the remarkable opportunities he has to educate people about their bodies, health, and chronic illnesses. He thrives on opportunities to invoke change in others through educating on preventative life style measures that promote good health and longevity. He empowers youth with knowledge about the relationships between cultural life style and generational illness. Albert strives to provide the tools and resources to be self motivated in your journey to wellness. He educates on the science behind behavioral change and how that leads to adopting the routines and rituals essential for long term health and wellness. 

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